The Lockman Foundations NASB (New American Standard Bible) is a far superior English translation that is trustworthy.  

The New King James Version is also quite good.

The NIV is NOT recommended. 

Errors in the NIV translation from the GREEK alter the meaning of  passages.  

There is a humanistic/secular bend to the NIV, which is likely why that translation was used for the "gender neutral" and other versions.     

See 2 Corinthians 10:3 - compare with the NIV on line... 
but you can see in the Greek that the word they mistranslated is clearly "flesh" (sarx).  
Even Martin Luther made the translation clear "fleisch"!!! 

There's another subtle mistranslation in Galatians.   

If one were to read the NIV alongside the NASB, KJV, NKJV and the LXX/Koine we'd find more.  

The folks that worked on the NIV made subjective interpretations instead of literal translations.  

A WORD-FOR-WORD translation is necessary as we do not always understand the culture, context or events recorded. 

If we use a translation that is word-for-word then archeology, history and the rest of the Bible will help us understand the context and meaning.  

But when a translator makes assumptions about the passage it's based on their own understanding, world view and biases.  

Sadly there are many out there whose world view has been tainted by our society and their own lives.  

All of us... we must stick to an accurate translation, word for word, and then sort out the interpretation.  

In the case of 2 Cor 10:3 the NIV clearly has a humanistic bias that opens the door for someone to ignore the true battle 
and ignore mankind's sinful nature. It places the issue outside of us and into "society".  

Very subtle error, but very grave.  

There are far to many churches that teach that man is basically good and if you work hard enough you can be good.  
That's not what the Bible teaches.  We all need Jesus.  It's all about trusting Jesus and walking in the Spirit. Today's Date:

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