the best of john's '86 cj-10a

before - after

The pictures above show the 1986 CJ-10A as it started out as a military flightline tractor and john's 1983 J10 stepside.

The original plan for the tug was to use the drivetrain in my '83 J10 stepside... but things changed and the tug started undergoing modifications and improvements.
Now the plan is to gather up another SD33T drivetrain from Scouts and put it in my J10 stepside using Jeep mounts and hardware to make my stepside a Turbo Diesel Jeep.

The Diesel powered tug is being driven daily and averaging a solid 18 mpg in mixed use, and cruises at freeway speeds, and keeps up with traffic.

Drivetrain: Nissan SD33, Torqueflite 727 big block mated with an SAE #4 ring, and NP208 propelling Dana 44 axles from a 1987 Grand Wagoneer using 3.31 gears.




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john's 1986 CJ-10A - former USAF Flightline Tow Tractor, Model No. 3

This is one of the 2,188 CJ-10A models produced... Equipped from the factory with a Diesel engine...
A similar model called the CJ-10 was exported, and often seen in Australia.  It has 119" wheelbase.

The USAF Flightline Tow Tractor, Model No. 3 is a Diesel engine driven, four wheel, two-rear wheel drive vehicle.
It is based on a commercial truck chassis and cab. (Jeep Grand Wagoneer frame, shortened and CJ cab).

The vehicle is designed to tow trailers, ground support equipment and other wheeled loads on runways, in and around
warehouses, loading platforms and docks.  It is capable of producing 4,000 pounds (1816 kg) drawbar pull and of
pulling trailing wheeled loads of up to 40,000 pounds (18,160 kg) on level surfaces, 25,000 pounds (11,350 kg) on
3% grades and 20,000 pounds (9080 kg) on 5% grades at a minimum speed of 10 mph (16 kph), top forward speed of
25 mph (40 kph).  (they were locked in low range from the factory)  The flightline tow tractor can perform all
of its designed function in ambient temperatures ranging from -25 deg F to +125 deg F (-32 C to +51 C).
(from TO 36A10-3-29-31 - Technical Manual for Flightline Tow Tractor Model No. 3)

before - after

1986 cj-10a

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