this and the story of the 
escape from Clearview is what lead me to the idea of the FSJ logo! It also
lead to the inclusion of Old Blue and john in a Chrysler video for the WJ launch in 1999!

___only in a__ jeep

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Subject: Old Blue and the 18 wheeler!!!

At 07:59 PM 12/30/96 -0800, Aaron Holley wrote:
>     John, at last you're out! Good. Was beginning to worry about Ol Blue
>after watching the 5p news and reading your posts! Ice & snow on flat roofs
>don't mix! ... Waiting to see the photos. 
Photos coming - Costco 1 hr photo closed, roof leaking... didn't want
to trust my rolls of film to normal processing - holiday schedule... will
try tomorrow at lunch... My carport roof only sustained one minor,
self-inflicted wound, where I sorta put the landscape rake through one
part... minor problem...  

re: the CJ INCIDENT...
Old Blue is out and he ain't gonna take it no more!!! 
Guess he was kind of humbled having to be extracted by a CJ instead of waiting for the snow to go away...
...this is where Old Blue ended up by Monday afternoon... going the wrong way on a dead end hill... Scott's CJ is hooked up... and keeps from sliding down while Old Blue works his way up... Scott Martin's CJ7 giving Old Blue a tug... and john with mischievous thoughts of using reverse or the brakes... for shame... (Scott Martin's home page address is: see his nice 84 cj7) ------- JUST MINDing our own business... Went over to pick up my son at his friend's house and noticed an 18 wheeler sitting in front of the nursery across the culdesac on 160th ST SE, a dead end that slopes down and east of SR 9. My son mentioned that the 18 wheeler was stuck... So I roll down the passenger window and talk to the driver who is standing there with shovel in hand. I offer to try and give him a little yank. He says that's very nice, but that he wouldn't want me to hurt my truck... My family is scolding me saying I'm gonna hurt Old Blue. I just say, it's not gonna hurt anything, worst case I'll spin my wheels... ------- THE HOOKUP... So he agrees and I pull Old Blue up in front of this very large White Freightliner, whip out my ever faithful 15 foot section of chain. Since I figured the trucker would laugh himself into a coma if I offered to pull him out with the rope tied to my hitch that's been used to pull everything else. So, he looks the new Freightliner over and notices a pin right in the center of the bumper to wrap the chain around. This pin is thicker than Old Blue's axle... I hook my end up to one of the ears for safety chains on the "psuedo-box-receiver-that-doesn't-work-welded-under-the-real-hitch", since I figured the trucker might not like me hurling 2" hitch balls at his nice shiny white truck... ------- THE RIG... He's got one of those real long white trailers. The Freightliner was a sleeper. He had chains on the wheels on the back axle. I was already in low range after navigating the ridge off the highway and getting down into the driveway. ------- SPINNIN' WHEELS... I start to pull, the chain tightens... Old Blue's tires spin. I rotate the steering wheel back and forth, then I drop to an idle, then apply power again, tires spin... After two or three episodes I notice the truck is moving... Finally I power brake a little and launch forward an inch or two until the tires break loose... I let Old Blue roll back and launch again... Now I notice the big cab is also starting to rock... Between the two of us we're gonna keep this guy from spending another night stranded on this culdesac... --------- FEAR THIS!!! I do another power launch and I feel it give, now I'm concerned... and begin to accelerate... He's moving, and I'm trying to move faster, not wanting to get run over!!!! All of a sudden I'm launched forward, free of the truck... Not to worry, he's moving, and I'm going to get the heck outta his way, so I scarf a left into the first available driveway. He rolls on past and up onto the bare pavement just up from the gravel culdesac and stops... whew!!! ------- ROCK N ROLL... We hop out and he explains that what helped was when he shifted into second gear and spun the chains until they dug down below the ice, and with the tug that Old Blue had given him it got him up and rolling... ------- RIP... The reason I broke free on the last major tug was I had ripped the safety chain ear off of my hitch. Not a problem, it was just on odd-sized receiver hitch that we had welded underneath the stock Jeep 3,500 lb hitch that I'm going to replace anyway... Guess Old Blue wanted to get away from that big rig once it started to roll!!! ------ OH DRAT... So we head on off to Everett, about half way there I realized, dang, I should have taken a picture of me connected to that big rig... no one is gonna believe that Old Blue pulled a Freightliner sleeper cab and a really long trailer... even though it was empty and ONLY weighed about 37,000 lbs (I asked... :). ------ GUESS WHO?... So we take care of our business in Everett, and on the return flight Becky announces she needs a head of cabbage... so, back up the hill to Albertson's in Clearview... I pull in the space and am getting the shopping list instructions straight when I notice in my rear view mirror that there is a long, white Freightliner 18 wheeler type vehicle over by McDonalds... <big grin>, so I look at the cab, yep, same one, "KSI" something, California... :) So I hop back into Old Blue and wheel through several snow piles and over so the driver's doors are side by side, roll my window down and ask the trucker if I could get a photo with Old Blue in front of his rig, he says sure... :) So I have photographic proof... well, at least a picture of Old Blue and the truck together... :)
------ STUCK AGAIN... Talked to the trucker, turns out he needed to head over to Eastern Washington, but can't get there from here. All the passes are closed, I suggested the Columbia Gorge, and he said that even I-84 was closed up past The Dalles... so I guess he's camping in Clearview tonight unless he can find a local load. ------- Adventures with Old Blue - the continuing saga... :) subtitled: low range ramblings... later, john ------------------------------------------------------------
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does this look like a 4 door with a sunroof
    going through the snow...?   (w/ a Freightliner in tow? :)

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