Ignition Coils - Jeep XJ 4.0L

Question, will the ignition coil for a 1989 XJ will work on a 1998 XJ?

No. Because...
The 1987 to 1990 (non-HO) 4.0L's used the RENIX electronic ignition.
The coil on those sat on the left side fender well with the coil wire
going to the distributer.

1989 XJ 4.0L Coil:
fits 1989 XJ 4.0L - Standard Motor Products UF50T Ignition Coil
From 1990 (HO) until 1999 the 4.0L used an OBDII system.
The coil sat near the Power Distribution module
and had different connectors
1998 XJ 4.0L coil:
fits 1998 XJ 4.0L - O.E.M. 50046 Ignition Coil

Midway through the 1999 model year Jeep went to the distributerless system also used on the WJ, with individual coils on each plug.
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