FIVE commands you need to master if you're new to Linux (UNIX):

  1. man
  2. ls
  3. pwd
  4. cd
  5. more
with those five commands you can master the rest of Linux...

BUT wait, there's more... let me introduce you to

	the vi editor AND scripting... at the command line...  where the power is!

What you can do is examine various Linux commands by examining each of their "help" (man) pages.

	man  | col -b > man..txt
	vi man..txt

there are two types of people... programmers, and everyone else.  

A programmer can be dumped into the middle of a command or subject and work with it, and master it... 
everyone else needs the context, the framework, the big picture... and they'll struggle...  programmers are also often math majors.

-- Linux commands, scripts, tools and systems administration --

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