xarg examples

 ymmv - check your local man pages for syntax and options

In trying to determine how to kill off processes created by an application quickly, I came up with the following command that seems to work...

BEFORE using xargs to kill an application, test it as follows

ps -ef | grep ptc ps -ef | grep ptc | xargs echo `awk '{print $2 }'` verify that the pid's listed in the first command match the pid's in the second. If more shows up then the specific application, then you want to be more specific, test until only the processes you wish to terminate are listed.

the use of xargs with the kill command

to kill off all processes associated with "ptc": ps -ef | grep ptc | xargs kill -9 `awk '{print $2 }'`
to kill off all processes associated with "oli": ps -ef | grep oli | xargs kill -9 `awk '{print $2 }'`
to kill off all processes associated with "etscape": ps -ef | grep etscape | xargs kill -9 `awk '{print $2 }'`


USING xargs in a korn shell with Services for UNIX.  

according to  http://www.linux.com/article.pl?sid=04/04/13/211209 one should use the -n1 option,
this should feed one input at a time... however, it didn't work in SFU 3.5.

find /dev/fs/H/ARCHIVE/ -type f -name *.jpg -print | xargs -nl -i cp {} /dev/fs/H/ALL-PIX 


find /dev/fs/H/ARCHIVE/ -type f -name *.jpg -print | xargs -i cp {} /dev/fs/H/ALL-PIX 

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