Table of Contents for:
the Art of Linux System Administration (and preparation for the LPIC-2 Certification exams)

1.0 Introduction

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2.0 The Art Of Linux System Administration

  • The Power Of The Linux Philosophy 11m07s 0201-Philosophy Understanding the Linux philosophy and how it affects commands and tools
  • SA Overview: What Is An SA? 13m38s 0202-What-is-an-SA SysAdmin overview: what is a sys admin and what do they do?
  • Developing The Art Of SA: First Master Vi 08m26s 0203-Become-an-SA Developing the Art of SysAdmin, step 1, master the vi editor...
  • The Linux System Lifecycle 08m04s 0204-SystemLifeCycle System Lifecycle: install, analyze, configure, troubleshoot, modify, deploy and support
  • Sysadmin Basics: Command Line Only 08m26s 0205-CommandLine SysAdmin basics: Terminal, command line, NO GUI, 5 basic commands
  • The Vi Editor 06m01s 0206-vi-summary SysAdmin tools Pt1: the vi editor
  • Bashrc History 05m18s 0207-bashrc-history SysAdmin tools Pt2: .bashrc, history, vi at the command line
  • Script, GREP, And Regexp 04m56s 0208-script-grep SysAdmin tools Pt3: "script", regular expressions (grep, awk), and scripting
  • SSH Client Setup 06m19s 0209-SSH-setup SysAdmin tools Pt4: basic SSH client setup
  • Scripting Tools 07m23s 0210-script-basics SysAdmin tools Pt5: scripting template, basic loops, using output
  • Power Documentation 09m36s 0211-script-outputs SysAdmin tools Pt6: using logs, web pages, spreadsheets, &email to manage resources
  • Save The Data 07m30s 0212-script-tools SysAdmin tools Pt7: wrapper scripts, backup files, tarballs
  • LPIC Certification Overview 05m56s 0213-cert-overview LPIC Certification Levels: Essentials, LPIC-1,LPIC-2, LPIC-3
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3.0 Linux Filesystems

  • File System Technical Overview 08m02s 0301-files-basic Overview: inodes (ls -i), sectors, superblocks, journaling, cache(203.1)
  • File Partitions 03m28s 0302-file-partitions partition commands: fdisk, parted, dd(203.1)
  • File System Tool Overview 08m26s 0303-file-systems maintaining file systems: mkfs, fsck, mkdir, ls, cd, pwd, tree, du, df (203.2)
  • Swap File Tools Overview 04m02s 0304-file-swap swap commands: swapon, swapoff, mkswap, free(203.1)
  • File System Mounting Overview 10m13s 0305-file-mount mount commands: mount, umount - files: /etc/fstab(203.1)
  • LVM Commands Overview 05m56s 0306-LVM-cmds LVM: lvm, pvcreate, pvdisplay, vgcreate, vgdisplay, lvcreate, lvdisplay(204.3)
  • LVM Detailed Example 06m11s 0307-LVM-example LVM example and using external devices for file systems (204.2)
  • NFS Files And Tools 07m00s 0308-NFS NFS: /etc/nfsmount.conf and nfsstat (209.2)
  • The Most Common RAID Types 03m55s 0309-RAID-basics RAID: 0 - striping, 1 - mirror, 1/0 - striping and mirroring, 5 - striping w/parity
  • Create And Manage A RAID Using Commands 06m06s 0310-RAID-cmds RAID: create, configure, manage (204.1)
  • File System Tuning Commands 08m45s 0311-file-tune tuning commands: iostat, sar, nfsstat, free, df, du, tune2fs, sync
  • File System Repair And Replicate Commands 04m24s 0312-file-repair troubleshooting - fsck, sync, superblocks, dd, ls -i
  • Use DD To Clone Drive 08m47s 0313-file-clone using dd to clone a drive
  • Optical Drives And Automounting 04m52s 0314-file-automount working with optical drives and automount (203.3)
  • The Sysadmin Spreadsheet Tool 07m27s 0315-SA-tools spreadsheets to manage servers, disk space, and hardware details
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4.0 Linux Kernel And Bootloaders

  • Kernel vmlinuz And Boot Files 07m58s 0401-boot-vmlinuz files: /boot - Kernel configuration files and vmlinuz* (201.1)
  • GRUB Files For Booting 08m41s 0402-kernel-grub files: /boot/grub - maps and devices: menu.lst,, grub.conf
  • GRUB2 Files For Booting 04m18s 0403-kernel-grub2 files: /boot/grub2 - grub.cfg custom.cfg and /etc/default/grub
  • Alternate Bootloaders 02m19s 0404-kernel-boot files: /etc/sysconfig/bootloader - alternate bootloader (202.3)
  • GRUB, mkconfig, And mkinitrd Commands 05m45s 0405-kernel-grub-cmds commands: /usr/sbin/*grub*, grub2-mkconfig, mkinitrd
  • Dual-Boot With Microsoft First, Then Linux 05m35s 0406-kernel-multi-boot Dual-booting steps; Microsoft first, then Linux, use install tools if possible
  • Kernel Compilation And Module Tools 10m05s 0407-kernel-mods compiling a kernel; Kernel modules: insmod, modprobe, rmmod, lsmod, modinfo(201.2)
  • Boot Processes, Run Levels, And inittab 03m59s 0408-kernel-init generic boot process - run levels - /etc/inittab
  • Compare Init And systemd 07m48s 0409-process-init-sysd-FINAL Init vs. Systemd - comparison of the two models
  • Init Overview And Scripts 03m07s 0410-process-init Init processes, commands, scripts and file structure (start, stop or restart)(202.1)
  • Init Processes And GRUB Tools 03m05s 0411-boot-recovery Init processes, GRUB and system recovery (202.2)
  • systemd Overview And Scripts 02m36s 0412-process-sysd Systemd processes, commands, scripts and file structure (UNIT, SERVICE, INSTALL)
  • Analyze Resource Usage 05m45s 0413-process-monitor Measure and Troubleshoot Resource Usage (200.1)
  • Using Dracut To Manage Kernel initramfs And Modules 03m56s 0414-kernel-analyze Kernel runtime management and troubleshooting (201.3)
  • Using GParted To View And Edit Kernel And Boot Files 05m50s 0415-kernel-analyze Kernel files and processes identifiying and troubleshooting (201.3)
  • Archiving Files With Tools 05m38s 0416-files-backup Backup files and archiving: rpm, tar, cpio, zip, and tape devices (206.2)
  • Package Management Distribution Tools 03m27s 0417-files-pkgs package management tools: zypper, yum, apt-get, dpkg
  • Install Programs From Source, tar, Or RPM 05m07s 0418-files-make Make and install programs from source files and using RPM and tar files to install (206.1)
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5.0 Linux Networking And Naming Services - Client Side

  • Networking Essentials 08m19s 0501-network-basic Networking essentials: IP address, netmask, gateway (205.1)
  • Networking Configuration Files 08m28s 0502-network-files Networking files: /etc/hosts, /etc/resolv.conf, /etc/nsswitch.conf and wireless (205.1)
  • Change Host Name, IP, And Route 05m22s 0503-network-base Changing the hostname, IP address and route
  • Advanced Networking Tools 08m12s 0504-network-analyze Advanced Networking using ping, traceroute, route, netstat, ifconfig, ip (205.2)
  • DHCP Configuration 05m06s 0505-DHCP DHCP configuration (210.1)
  • Remote Access Via SSH And TCP Tools 04m26s 0506-SSH-remote-tools Remote access: ssh, telnet, X-windows, NoMachine, VNC, TightVNC, RDP
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6.0 Securing Linux - Client Side

  • Passwords, Shadow File, And sudo 07m52s 0601-passwd-shadow Passwords, shadow file, sudo
  • SSH Configuration And Setup 09m15s 0602-ssh-config-files SSH setup, configuration files, passwordless setup
  • Firewalls, IPTables, NAT, And Tunnels 08m47s 0603-ssh-tunneling firewalls, iptables, NAT, SSH tunneling
  • Security Baseline Using Checksums 09m03s 0604-secure-checksums Establishing baseline executable MD5 checksums prior to placing on network
  • Using Advanced Network Tools And Log Files 06m57s 0605-network-analysis Log files, iptables and other entertainment using traceroute and whois
  • Block Attacks And Spammers Using Tools 06m19s 0606-network-block parsing /var/log/messages and using iptables to block attackers or spammers
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7.0 Sharing Files And Services

  • NFS Setup And Use 09m07s 0701-NFS-setup NFS setup, configuration, securing and troubleshooting
  • NFS And NIS Clients 08m31s 0702-NFS-client NFS and NIS client setup, configuration, and troubleshooting
  • Setup SAMBA And Join A Domain 08m30s 0703-Samba-setup Samba setup, configuration, joining the Domain and troubleshooting
  • System E-Mail Setup 12m04s 0704-email System E-mail setup (211.3) (add printer - cups)
  • Client E-Mail Setup 09m00s 0705-client-setup Client E-mail setup (211.2)
  • Apache SSL Setup 09m58s 0706-web-apache-ssl Apache SSL setup (208.2)
  • Using SSH Tools 08m43s 0707-ssh-transfer scp, rsync and using scripts and SSH for file transfers and backups
  • Web Tools For Managing Systems 08m43s 0708-web-tools using Squid, Nginx, SWAT, Hmon, Big Brother, Puppet, Chef and other tools
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8.0 System Administration - Users

  • Using History, Script, And Other Power Tools 07m52s 0801-power-tools-users custom tools, history files, "script", .bashrc, history, tee, sort, uniq
  • Examining Real World Command Use 04m19s 0802-SA-cmds real world commands, extracted from history: find, grep, awk, sed, cut
  • Shell Scripting For Fun And Profit 06m43s 0803-script-SA BASH shell scripts, template, loops, walk through actual sys admin scripts
  • Using SSH And Loops In Scripts 06m23s 0804-script-SSH use of ssh and loops in shell scripts to manage multiple systems
  • Manually Add A User To The System 08m32s 0805-SA-user-files adding users manually: /etc/passwd, /etc/shadow, /etc/group, mkdir, chown
  • Adding Users With Tools 03m31s 0806-SA-user-add adding users with tools
  • Network Troubleshooting 08m17s 0807-network-analyze Troubleshooting Network issues (205.3)
  • Script To Create System Info Spreadsheet 06m23s 0808-SA-tools managing the system resources using a spreadsheet
  • crontab, Scripts, SSH And Email 07m24s 0809-script-cron automating processes and scripts with crontab, ssh and email
  • Supporting Users With Custom Tools 08m18s 0810-SA-user-tools supporting your users with menus, scripts and information (/etc/motd) while protecting their data
  • Archive Users And Securing Their Files 06m28s 0811-SA-archive archiving old users and securing their files
  • Interoperability Guidelines Across Systems 11m11s 0812-SA-distr-users managing users across multiple systems and interoperability guidelines
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9.0 Enterprise Linux System Administration

  • Configuring DNS 06m35s 0901-DNS-config configuring DNS (207.1)
  • Configuring DNS Zones 04m01s 0902-DNS-zones configuring DNS Zones and securing (207.2,3)
  • Configuring NFS 05m19s 0903-NFS-configure configuring NFS (209)
  • Securing FTP Servers 06m47s 0904-FTP-secure Securing FTP servers (212.2)
  • Using SSH, SCP, Rsync And Tunnels 04m45s 0905-SSH-etc configuring SSH (/etc/ssh/) - usig scp, rsync and tunnels (212.3)
  • Configure Sendmail 11m40s configuring e-mail using Sendmail (211.1)
  • Configure Postfix 05m35s configuring e-mail using Postfix (211.1)
  • Apache Server Configuration 02m47s 0908-web-apache-conf basic Apache configuration (208.1)
  • Apache Virtual Server Configuration 06m46s 0909-web-apache-virtual Apache configuration for multiple virtual servers and https (208.1)
  • NGINX Setup 05m54s 0910-web-ngnix-setup Ngnix (engine X) setup (208.4)
  • NGINX Reverse Proxy 04m05s 0911-web-ngnix-rvs Ngnix (engine X) reverse proxy (208.4)
  • Configure NGINX Proxy Server 03m21s 0912-web-ngnix-proxy configuring proxy server (208.3)
  • Configure Squid 04m46s 0913-web-squid configuring squid (208.3)
  • Security Tools: Nmap, IPTables 10m35s 0914-secure-network Security tools: nmap, iptables (212.4)
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10.0 Enterprise Interoperability And Services

  • DHCP Files And Processes 04m34s 1001-DHCP-files DHCP files and processes
  • LDAP Client Usage 01m44s 1002-LDAP-client LDAP client usage (210.3)
  • LDAP Server Setup 05m26s 1003-LDAP-server LDAP server setup (210.3)
  • Using SAMBA 07m54s 1004-Samba-use using SAMBA (209.1)
  • Using VPN 07m35s 1005-network-VPN using VPN (212.5)
  • PAM Authentication 03m40s 1006-secure-PAM PAM authentication (210.2)
  • Router Configuration 06m05s 1007-network-router Configuring a router (212.1)
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11.0 Conclusion

  • Conclusion 06m28s 1101-conclusion Wrap Up and Thank You
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