creating a bootable USB thumb drive in a Microsoft DOS shell

  1. get a command window open as administrator...
  2. cmd.exe
  3. diskpart.exe
  4. DISKPART> lis dis

    Disk ### Status Size Free Dyn Gpt
    -------- ------------- ------- ------- --- ---
    Disk 0 Online 465 GB 0 B *
    Disk 1 Online 4 GB 0 B

    NOTE the sizes, 4GB is the USB device, very important

  5. DISKPART>sel dis 1
  6. DISKPART>cle
  7. DISKPART>cre par pri

    ##### if USB stick is larger than 8GB use this command:
    cre par pri size = 8192

  8. DISKPART>format fs=fat32 quick label="USBBOOT"
  9. DISKPART>assign
  10. DISKPART>active
  11. DISKPART>exit ##### exit Diskpart

Option 1: Open the ISO file with WinZip.

Extract all files from the ISO to the destination media. 

            Include hidden files!

Option 2: Mount the ISO File. Copy the contents of the mounted/opened .iso to the USB stick. There are hidden files so you need to configure Windows Explorer to show hidden and system files the "E:\" drive is where the ISO files are, the "F:\" drive is the thumb drive - YMMV use xcopy: xcopy E:\*.* /s /e /f /h F:\ Today's Date:

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