DOS - Linux Command Comparisons

"bat" file shell script
TSR (terminate & stay resident) daemon
terminate kill
program process


help man display detailed command information
dir ls -l (ls -al or ls -AL) lists files with details
cd dir cd dir change directory
NOTE: in UNIX cd by itself returns user to home dir
cd pwd present working directory displayed
type filename | more more filename (or page or pg or less) display files page by page
dir /w ls lists file names without details
type cat or more or less display file contents
( recommend using more in UNIX, less in Linux)
comp diff or cmp compare 2 files
copy cp copy file
xcopy cpio copy entire directory structure
diskcopy dump copy disk images
del rm remove file
deltree /y rm -r remove subdirectories of files
rmdir or rd rmdir (or rm -r) remove a directory
mkdir or md mkdir create a directory
rename or ren mv rename file
commandname -? commandname --help (GNU feature) display summary of command line options
attrib chmod change file attributes
find grep find strings in files
date, time date change date & time
chkdsk df -k display free disk space
print lp print a file
pkzip gzip & tar compress files and bundle them into one file
edlin ed basic/crude text editor (underlying editor for vi)
edit gedit visual text editor - (use vi in a shell)
fdisk fdisk partition hard drive
c:\ / top "root" directory
c:\dos or c:\windows /etc, /bin, /usr/bin directories where most operating system commands reside
"ctrl-alt-del" keys run "/etc/shutdown -r" or click on the reboot button in the user interface method of rebooting system
turn off the power switch run "/etc/shutdown -h", or click on the halt button in the Gnome user interface, then turn off the power switch method of shutting down the system
NEVER TURN OFF POWER TO A Linux SYSTEM - use shutdown!
"pause" key "ctrl-s" keys pause screen output
"ctrl-c" keys "ctrl-c" keys terminate a program

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