win10 performance: illusions and problems created by FAST START

This tests measures comparable performance between operating systems.
It moves large blocks of data around on the bus, from memory to the drive and back.
The script is written to work on both Microsoft, Linux, UNIX, BSD and MacOSx.
The script is on this link and can be copied and pasted into a batch file or script and run on your system.
COMPARISON of Windows 10 to Linux Mint MATE on a Dell 990


To dual boot, or to just test, Linux Mint MATE on your system,
download the current ISO from Linux Mint's website (link NOT active) and select the MATE desktop: - HIGHLY recommend MATE, it's stable and very easy to use.
The other option for a desktop has proven to be sketchy.
Pictures showing the step by step from Win10, showing how to prep Win 10, which is also partially shown below.

THE PROBLEM created by trying to make Win10 look faster!

Microsoft by default hibernates the drive.
This makes Win10 look faster on startup than it actually is.
Win10 from fast start seems to be as fast as Win7, until you turn off fast start.
However, performance tests conducted for over a decade clearly show it to be the worst performer yet.
The OTHER PROBLEM created is you might not be able to get into BIOS, and if you have a dual boot system
you won't be able to see the drive to copy files from it, as it will have a flag set blocking access.

This makes disk recovery more challenging should your drive begin to fail.
It also makes it impossible to DUAL BOOT your system to Linux...
So, Microsoft created a "feature" that prevents file access when not booted, can't dual boot, and it appears faster to start!

HOW TO turn off fast start in Windows 10






Plan B, if you can't kill off fast start to get to bios:

If you are unable to get into BIOS or aren't able to follow the steps in the pictures below, try this:
If during system boot up, you press F12 or F2 nothing happen or it won't let you get in Bios.

Try these steps specifically (seriously, control panel options take you elsewhere!):
There are also recovery steps and tools here along this path, that differ from control panel...

Windows Setting -> Update & Security -> Recovery -> Restart Now -> Trouble Shooting -> Advanced -> UEFI Setting

Now your normal keys to get into boot options or bios should work.
Keys used quite a bit across vendors and even models.

ANOTHER OPTION IS TO RUN MICROSOFT in Oracle Virtual Box in a Virtual Machine!
Notes on an overview of Oracle's Virtual Box
Notes on setting up Oracle Virtual Box - may have changed, see their website.
NOTES from a session I taught about this in 2015.

I have a step by step pages to show how to setup SuSE, should be the same for Linux MINT MATE.
Setup OpenSuSE in Oracle Virtual Box
And of course the HOW to DUAL BOOT Win10, or at least boot LIVE to LINUX MINT and see how easy the MATE desktop is to use!
DUAL BOOT how to for Linux MINT MATE alongside Win10/

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