this diagram may look a bit complicated...

3 tests were conducted with 8GB of RAM, and 3 tests with 16GB of RAM. same laptop... FIRST TEST - baseline - Win10 on HP laptop with 8gb of RAM - over 7 minutes to run the TEST SECOND TEST - Mint 19 on same HP laptop with 8gb of RAM - just over 13 SECONDS (same TEST) THIRD TEST (this is interesting!!!) - Win10 in an ORACLE VM on MINT - same test - just under 3 MINUTES!!!

Doubled the RAM The FOURTH TEST - WIN10 native hardware, same laptop, 16GB of ram, just over 5 minutes FIFTH TEST - MINT 19, same laptop... about 4 seconds! SIXTH TEST - Win10 in VM on MINT - still just under 3 minutes. 2.74 minutes vs. 2.51 minutes. so TWO things came out of this test... DOUBLING RAM on LINUX netted a 65% improvement in performance! Windows 10 only saw a 25% improvement by doubling the RAM (you'd think it would have done better!) BUT WHAT WAS REALLY AMAZING is how much faster Win10 is in a VM!!!! (and how little doubling the host system ram affected it..)

MORE COMPARISONS and the scripts used are here at: Today's Date:

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