Comparing power consumption on the same laptop: 
	(as based on research for master degree in 2007 - compared power consumption between SuSE Linux and Microsoft XP sp2)

Linux (SuSE)  	- 16 Watts   - base  note: #1
XP SP2 		- 19 Watts   - 3 watts  or 16% more power consumption over Linux
Vista		- 36 Watts   - 20 watts or 56% more power consumption over Linux
Windows 7	- 35 Watts   - 19 watts or 55% more power consumption over Linux
Windows 8	- 23 Watts   - 7 watts  or 31% more power consumption over Linux

bootup time:   - note: #2 
Linux < 30 seconds (desktop up, applications launch when clicked)
Win8 @30-35 seconds desktop visibile, but applications wouldn't launch until ~45 seconds.

#1 - the laptop used was at the low end of power savings for Linux, savings ranged from 16% to 40% across hardware types for XP
#2 - YMMV on hardware, disk type, memory, and local configuration - also, boot up times were not recorded for other OS's

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