remove blank lines

to delete empty lines:
from line 633 to the end of the document:


the $ represents the end of the file, the ^$  represents a blank line, and the d - delete

do delete all empty lines, globally:


and an alternate version:


If you want to delete blank lines or those that contain spaces or tabs, use: :g/^\s*$/d and an alternate version: :v/\S/d \S matches anything that is not a whitespace, and d deletes the flagged lines (all lines that have only whitespace characters or are blank).
to put lines in place of spaces: perl -pi -e 's/ /\n/g' 01_Gen-words.txt

Simply Linux: Basics  Full Size Jeep Buyer's Guide Using BASH on Windows 10
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The Art of Linux System Administration
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BibleTech- Bible overview

overview of mankind's history
Biblical history:
"Promises and Prophets"



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One Page Overview of Linux Commands

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An Intro to Linux
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