using the id3tool to edit MP3 file information

this example shows a process used to take MP3s from a download, rename them so they sort properly and have complete id3tag information. id3tool process: 1) copy original mp3's into new directories, create ##_AAA, cd ##_AAA; ls >> idAAA ; vi idAAA cp -r ../ORIGINAL-MP3s/58_Hebrews/ 58_HEB ; cd 58_HEB ; ls >> id3heb 2) edit to "mv" from old long name to new short name vi id3heb :%s/.*/mv & 58_00_Heb_&/g # edit by removing the long previous name and add number for each track - using searches and replaces a tedious manual process... 3) execute mv ; ls >> idAAA ; edit id3tool info saving old info behind # sh ./id3heb # (this renames all the files to the new, shorter file name) ls >> id3heb # appending to the file vi id3heb :24,$s/.*/# &/g # first select all the original "mv" lines to the bottom, then comment them out :1,23s/.*/id3tool -t "&" -c Z -y 2018 -G "Speech" -a "Hebrews - Letters" -n "bridgechristianfellowshipcom" -r "Rick Crawford" &/g 4) execute id3tool info sh ./id3heb # (this updates all the id3tag information in files) id3tool *.mp3 # check to see if it updated and didn't truncate, if it did, edit "id3heb" and execute again 5) mv id3tool script idAAA to ../../ORIGINAL-BCF-MP3s/NOTES/ mv id3heb ../../ORIGINAL-MP3s/NOTES/ # save a copy of each script for the 66 directories to help identify proper time and sequence 6) scp -r NEW_DIR/ server:/web/bible/mp3 ; scp NEW_DIR/*.mp3 server:/web/BIBLE/MP3-ALL/ # one method was to ssh and cp -r 7) repeat for all 66 books: finished work: --> id3tool 58_11_Heb_9-10v18.mp3 Filename: 58_11_Heb_9-10v18.mp3 Song Title: 58_11_Heb_9-10v18 # NOTE: field limited, to avoid truncation kept short Artist: Rick Crawford Album: Hebrews - Letters Note: bridgechristianfellowshipcom # NOTE: field limited to 30 characters Track: 11 Year: 2018 Genre: Speech (0x65) Today's Date:

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