MKIV Euro Headlight and Euro Switch install

The original headlights on my 2002 and 2003 Jetta MkIVs were no longer clear, and didn't have fog lights. Having lived in Germany I knew that the European models had both a "city light" and fog lights. So, there were a things needed, the Euro light switch and the Euro lights (click here). I don't recall if I bought mine on ebay or through Amazon. But wiring up the Euro lights was not nearly as challenging as it seemed. The pictures below show the connectors. However, the US model only needed one wire inserted to power the fog lights, and I added one splice to illuminate an led ring that lit up the lower valence fog lights when the parking lights or headlights were on.

The OEM Euro Head Light Switch For VW Golf Jetta MK4 was easy to install. You pop it out, disconnect the connector, and connect the new switch. The only thing I changed was rerouting the DRL wire. You could also just remove that pin from the connector to disable DRL completely.

I added an aftermarket set of fog lights to the lower valence, the VW Bora Jetta Mk4 Lower Bumper H3 Fog Light Set with Relay, so when I installed the VW GOLF GTi JETTA 4 MKIV EURO SWITCH + WIRING ADAPTER WIRE FOR HEADLIGHTS

I rerouted the DRL setup to those lower fog lights, leaving the Euro fog lights in the HELLA 963660521 Volkswagen Jetta MkIV Headlight Combination Assembly for regular use via the EURO SWITCH and then used a SPDT or DPDT switch with center off so that I could run the lower fog lights as DRLs, or turn them off, or run them with the factory fog lights by applying power through the switch.

The lower valence fog lights I purchased had an led ring around the fog light portion, so I used a 3M Scotchlok Electrical IDC 560B-BOX, Double Run or Tap, Flame Retardant, Blue, 18-16 AWG (solid/stranded), 14 AWG (stranded (Pack of 100) to splice into the parking lamp (which goes to the city lights on the Euro lamp) and ran the wire to the ring on the foglights.

keeping the car, house and hands clean...

You'll notice I always wear Nitrile or Rubber Gloves to keep my hands clean, and to protect them. I double them up, that way if the gloves are all greasy, torn or just dirty and I need to go into the car interior, eat a sandwich or handle a shop manual I can just pull the top layer off and have a clean pair underneath. Remember your hands will get sweaty and sticky so pulling off the bottom glove will require drying your hands off before putting new ones on. I've been wearing gloves like this since the early '80s, had to wear them working in the semiconductor industry to protect the product and equipment, but realized I was also keeping my hands clean! win-win. Actually, the one brand, Permatex Dispoable Nitriles are the most durable, they hold up well, I tend to grab the cheaper ones for quick jobs and save those for the longer term projects. Some of the lesser expensive latex or nitrile gloves can be used for that 2nd and 3rd layer. The dirtier the job, the more layers. When it's cold outside these things will make your hands colder, so I use put on one layer of those more expensive nitriles and then use "mechanics style gloves" to keep my hands warm and to protect them.

IMG_3707_2012-02-25.jpg - the new Euro headlights, similar to the Vw Jetta Smoke Crystal Head Lights W/ Drl Fog Lamps Pair sitting above the original lights

IMG_3708_2012-02-25.jpg - closer shot of the Euro lights next to the originals

IMG_3709_2012-02-25.jpg - the Euro MkIV headlight assembly with the covers off,
I used IPF H4 bulbs, they have several excellent lamps, and conversions for other vehicles. I think the city light part of my Euro lights used 194s and plugged in under the red wire.

IMG_3274_2013-02-27.jpg - used a 3M splice to add the city lights

IMG_3276_2013-02-27.jpg - the female side of the light connector

IMG_3277_2013-02-27.jpg - clearer shot showing the 3M connector

IMG_3278_2013-02-27.jpg - the connector above the light housing

IMG_3710_2012-02-25.jpg - the male pins on the Euro MKIV headlight unit

IMG_3711_2012-02-25.jpg - the female plug for the headlights - no changes needed




I was able to get the headlights out without removing the aftermarket skid plate, but did have to remove the front bumper. The factory skid plates are plastic and primarily reduce drag, and offer little protection against road debris or curbs or potholes. I've lost one oil pan by not having one. The heavy duty aluminum skid plates are outstanding, and a must have for your TDI.

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