Carl Raymond Buehner

This is something I typed originally in 1986 on an Osborne computer
when visiting my father in law for the last time.  I just retyped it 
in order to preserve the information, and his memory.  

It is with the utmost respect that I present this information.

john meister
April 2002



Carl Raymond Buehner
Mitchell, South Dakota


BORN:  September 12, 1918 - Clayton, South Dakota
DIED:  January 1, 1987 - VA Hospital, Sioux Falls, South Dakota


Military Service:  October 9, 1941 - November 12, 1945

Army Service Number:  37074919
Inducted:  October 9, 1941
Occupation:  Mechanic
Noncommissioned Officer:  Tech- 4th Gr, June 14, 1942
Pilot Graduated:  March 12, 1944

Discharged from Enlisted status: March 11, 1944 for the
        convenience of the Government to accept Appointment
        and EAD as 2d Lt. AC AUS AR 615-160.

Commissioned as U.S. Army Officer:  March 12, 1944
Army Serial Number: 0 715 138

Air Combat:     Balkans
                Central Europe
                Po Valley
                Northern Apennines

Decorations and Citations:
        DFC per GO 3372 Hq 15 AF
        2d OLC AM per GO 3087 Hq 15 AF 7 May 45
        Purple Heart per GO 24 Hq 61st Sta Hosp 16 Apr 45
        EAME Ribbon W/5 Bronze Stars per WD Cir 195/44
        American Defense Ribbon

Wounds: Laceration of forehead by Flak Attack Yugoslavia (ETO) 12 Mar 45

Service Outside of US and Return:
        Departed:  14 Oct 44 for Italy
        Returned:  9 Aug 45

Honorably Discharged from Service:  November 12, 1945

The following is a recorded account of Carl Buehner's activities during
WWII. It was in his own handwriting.  My mother in law shared it with me
when we were visiting when my father in law was being admitted to the VA
Hospital in  Sioux Falls, South Dakota.  I chose to preserve it in honor of
his memory. 
        The first entry was made on October 11, 1944.
        The last entry was made on February 28, 1945.
It should be noted that his discharge documents reveal his being
wounded on March 12, 1945.

My tour of duty in Italy

Crew Characters!

I.  Ben. "Dude"  Doddridge  Pilot
II. Carl "Hipockets" Buehner Co-Pilot
II. Hy. "Hootie" Dooha  Nav.
*IV. "Downwind" Harris T/S. Toggelier
V.  Martin "Goz" Goziker  Eng.
VI. Mark "Marcaroni" Swirsky  R.O.G.
VII. Calvin "mole" Poorman  A.G.
VIII. Ellis "Bunny" Replogle  L.B.G
IX.  Paul "Rusty" Couchman  L.W.G.
X. Carl "Korn" Kepper  T.G.

*.  Lt. James "Jimmy" Ellerstien was transferred from our crew before we
left Avon Park.

We left Avon Park on Oct. 11th 1944.  Arrived at Hunter Field on
the 12th.  There we were processed and staged for overseas.  We
were assigned a new B-17, in which we were to fly across.  Our
first stop was Dow Field, Bangor, Maine where we went through our
final processing.  On the 14th of Oct. we started across with our
first stop at Gander, N.F.  After being delayed there for six
days because of bad weather, we again took off for the Azores- a
group of small islands in Mid-Atlantic.

Remained at this field over nite and took off for Marrakech,
Africa,  arriving there the same afternoon - the 24th of Oct.
After a few days of weather delay we again took off - this time
for Gioia, Italy.  Next day we were picked up there by Capt.
Chadwick, Operations Officer of the 96tht Squadron, 2nd Bomb Group
and flown to our final destination - Amendola Field, near Foggia,
Italy.  Here we were shown our quarters,  a very delapitated pyramidal
tent.  Since we were not flying for several days, we devoted
the time between ground school classes toward making our "home"
more comfortable.  After a few attempts at making a stove which
would work okay with gasoline, we succeeded,  only to have our
fuel changed to stove oil, which made certain modifications
necessary.  Finally have one that works fairly well.  We also had
a brick floor put in our tent by two Italian workers.  Then after
putting up clothes racks, makeshift lockers and shelves, electric
lite, etc.  we have a comfortable place.  Even have running water now.

Our first month was quite montonous since we did no flying
and had quite a lot of ground school.  The crew finally started
their missions but I was destined to stay on the ground until
Dude was checked out as first pilot.  Finally "the" day arrived
and I was scheduled to fly co-pilot for Lt. Donnell.  The mission
was cancelled before takeoff because of weather.  Next day I was
scheduled with the same pilot - this time we have hard luck! Our
brakes fail and we collide with ship ahead of us - badly damaging
both planes, but no one was injured.  It looks as if I'm to be
plagued with bad luck right from the start.

A few days later I was co-pilot for Lt. J.O.Smith.  This
time we got off - flying #4 position.  Our target was Blech
Hammer, deep into Germany and one of our "tougher" targets.

        Feb. 1st 1945
        Mossebierbaum (Attempt)
On this attempted mission I flew co-pilot for Lt. Anderson.  We
briefed at 0550 fro an oil target at Moosebierbaum near Vienna.
Took off at 0800 and Rallied.  At about 14000 we hit cloud decks
and climbed through clouds to 28,000.  Decided to bomb alternate
target at Winer Nuestadt.  Made bomb run and encountered flak
but did not drop bombs.   Evidently Mickey equipment failed and
after circling target several times mission was abandoned and
we returned to based with bombs.  It is very doubtful that we will
get credit for a mission.  Flying time 7:30

        Feb. 2nd
We were informed today that we were credited with a mission
yesterday.  I now have a total of eight!

        Feb. 6th
Briefed fro a mission today.  Cancelled because of weather.
Flew the inevitable practice mission, of course.  Lead plane with
Lt. Abbott.  #627  2 hrs.

        Feb. 7th
Target  Lobau O/R  Vienna  B. Alt.  29,000 ft.

        Feb. 10th
Briefed for mission - cancelled.

        Feb. 11th
Briefed for Munich - cancelled.  Flew practice Mission #627 in
#4 position.

        Feb. 13th, 1945
Target Vienna  Alt.  29,000  Low Temp.  -42 degrees  #6 position
Ship #627.  Time 6 hrs+
Very nice mission.  Clear weather, good lead, good ship.
Intense flak.  We suffered only minor damage.

        Feb. 16th
Grounded because of cold.  Rest of day uneventful.  Flew
war weary ship to Foggia Main.

        Feb. 17th
Still feel lousy.  Off D.N.I.F. though.  No schedule, no nothing.

        Feb. 18th
Target Linz, Austria.  Alt. 24,000 ft.
Bombed Alt. target at Salzburg, Austria. same Alt. Temp -46 degrees.
Terrific weather enroute and return.  No damage.

        Feb. 23 - 45
Target - Worgl, Austria  Alt.  19,000  Co-pilot for Collens.

        Feb. 25th
Target - Linz, Austria  M/Y  Alternate - Ammstadt, Aus.  M/Y
Alt. 24,000

        Feb. 28th
Target:  R.R.  Bridge Verona, Italy  Alt. 26,000
Bocu flak!

[Last entry - records showed that Carl Buehner was wounded by flak
on March 12, 1945.]


>From the Mitchell, South Dakota newspaper:
(January 1987)

Local Deaths:
Carl Buehner

  Funeral services for Carl R. Buehner, 68, Mitchell, who died Jan. 1 at
a Sioux Falls hospital, will be Monday at 1 p.m. in Zion Luthern Church of
  Burial will be in the Servicemen's Memorial Cemetery.  Visitation will be
Sunday from 7-9 p.m. at the Bittner Funeral Chapel.
  Mr. Buehner was born Sept. 12, 1918 in Clayton to Carl A. and Rebecca
(Hogrefe) Buehner.  He grew up and attended schools in the Clayton-Emery
area and graduated from Emery High School.  During World War II he served as
an Air Force pilot overseas.  He married Mary Drefs Feb. 25, 1947 in
He was an implement dealer in Emery and Clayton for a number of years, a
resident of Mitcell for 30 years where he was employed in the post office,
and he retired in 1980 as assistant postmaster here.
  Survivors include his wife, Mary; five children, Douglas, Spearfish;
Brian, Great Falls, Mont.; Rebecca Meister, Lake Stevens, Wash.; Karla
Harris, Rapid City; and Tammy Appletoft, Redfield; six brothers and
siters(sic), Lucille Franklin, Honolulu, Hawaii; Dennis, Robert and Ronal
Buehner, Emery; Kenneth Buehner, Downey, Calif.; and Carol Hieb, Tripp; 13
grandchildren; three great grandchildren; and his stepmother, Ann Buehner,
  He was preceded in death by two brothers, Harold and Glen, and his


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