FREEDOM, at what costs?

While the officials of the United States government seem to pick, chisel and whittle away at our freedoms and rights in the name of security and in the alleged war on drugs... People are dying trying to reach freedom. Men and women are seeking and dying for freedom... Read freedom can only be found in Jesus Christ, but even when one has Christ, one also desires to live in FREEDOM. This article was found on June 19, 2000.

Fifty-Eight Bodies Found in Truck at British Port

DOVER, England (Reuters) - British customs found the corpses of 58 Far Eastern illegal immigrants crammed in a truck at a port Monday, victims of a human smuggling scam that went horribly wrong. It was not clear exactly how the victims of Britain's biggest illegal immigrant tragedy had died, though suffocation or hypothermia seemed most likely. SOURCE: I know several refugees from Viet Nam, Romania, Hungary, Yugoslavia, and China who have swam, run, hidden, stowed in boats, climbed mountains or just worked out ways of escaping to freedom... leaving family, friends and worldly possessions behind... The Question is, where do we go when America has finally eroded her basic bill of rights? "if they get the 2nd, they'll take all ten..." (the 10 bill of rights). Without the 2nd amendment intact, our government could quickly become a tyrannical entity, as governments have throughout history. We've seen a taste of it with Waco, Ruby Ridge and even the Elian Gonzales cases... right or wrong on either side, the net results are terrifying. Our freedoms are eroding, but people are still dying to reach what we have left... I pray that the Lord's will will be done. The Bible teaches that Christ will return to establish His righteous Kingdom. America will not last, history and the Bible seem to point towards that fact... In the meantime, trust Jesus Christ. john