A quick overview of Israel History

dates are approximate.

2000 BC
Abraham receives the Blessing           Genesis 12:1-7
                                         Genesis 15:5-6
                                         Genesis 17:4-8
                                         Genesis 22:16-18
The Blessing is transferred to Issac    Genesis 26:1-6
The Blessing is transferred to Jacob    Genesis 28:10-14
Jacob's name is changed to Israel       Genesis 32:24-28
Blessing is divided among Jacob's sons  Genesis 49:1,8-10,28

1843 BC
Israel in Egypt                         Exodus 1:6-12
                                         Exodus 3:6-8

1446 BC
Receiving the Law at Sinai              Exodus 19:1-6

1406 BC
Conquest of Caanan                      Joshua 1:1-9

1382 BC
Judges                                  Judges 2:7-18

1043 BC
Israel asks for a king                  1Samuel 8:1-7
Saul anointed king                      1Samuel 9:27-10:1
David anointed king                     1Samuel 16:1-13
Solomon anointed king                   1Kings 1:34

930 BC
Divided Kingdom (Israel & Judah)        1Kings 11:9-12

721 BC
Israel destroyed by Assyria             2Kings 17:5-7,24

586 BC
Judah destroyed by Babylon              2Kings 25:1-12

536 BC
King of Persia, conquers Babylon        Ezra 1:1-6
Zerubbabel and Jews rebuild temple      Ezra 2:1-2,64

457 BC
Ezra the priest and 1754 Jews return    Ezra 7:6-10

444 BC
Nehemiah becomes governor               Nehemiah 2:5,17-18
Walls rebuilt

332 BC
Alexander the Great invades Judah       Josephus A XI, 313

323 BC
Alexander's kingdom split in 4 parts    Josephus A XII, 1
                                         1Maccabees 1:1-8

168 BC
Syrian king sacks Jerusalem             Josephus A XII, 242
                                         1Maccabees 1:20-64

167 BC
Maccabean family leads revolution       Josephus A XII, 265
                                         Josephus W I, 36
                                         1Maccabees 2-16

63 BC
Roman general Pompey            Josephus A XIV, 57
conquers Jerusalem                      Josephus W I, 141

37 BC
Romans appoint Herod king of Judea      Josephus A XIV, 270
                                         Josephus W I, 218

4 BC
Christ is born                          Matthew 1:18-25
                                         Luke 2:1-7

30 AD
Christ's crucifixion                    Matthew 27:45-54
                                         Luke 23:1-56
Christ's resurrection                   Matthew 28:1-20
                                         Luke 24:1-53

70 AD
Jews rebel, Rome destroys Jerusalem     Josephus W VI, 249
                                         Luke 19:41-44
Jewish people are scattered             Josephus W VI, 420
                                         Luke 21:20-24

1917 AD - Balfour Agreement - authorizing a Jewish Homeland
1947 AD - UN Resolution 181 - authorizing a Jewish Homeland
1948 AD - May 14 - Israel declares independence
	Israel becomes a nation, Jews return    (Any Newspaper)

1967 AD - Arab nations attack - Six Day War

and so on... point is... Israel is back in their land after nearly 1900 years
of dispersion and fulfilling the prophecies of Ezekiel 36 and 37.      What
other nation can show a history that dates back to the time of Sumeria?

What do replacement theologians have to do to explain away how the people of Israel
are still in God's plan?    Oh, they might say, those aren't the real Jews, or
they aren't really the Israelites, or God isn't working with them any more... Despite
the very clear prophecies found in Ezekiel 36 and 37 they make these claims.

It is tragic that Martin Luther became anti-Semitic in his later years, his notion
that the Jews were cursed because they crucified Jesus led to a hatred of the Jews
and doctrine that led ultimately to Auschwitz, Bergen-Bergen, Dachau and other places
of death... all based on replacement theology combined with Darwinism.

The reality is that church is not Israel and God has very specific promises
left to fulfill to His chosen people that involve very specific details including
geographic references.  Those the claim reformed or replacement theology must 
understand that the church receives many of the blessings of Israel
because we are grafted into the promises of Israel through the blood of Christ.  

We are not to replace Israel.  Daniel 9:24-27 speaks about the time of the Gentiles... 
that time is drawing close to an end and the prophecies remaining concerning Israel will be
literally fulfilled as those already fulfilled were.     


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