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who do you call?

where do you go?

where do you find parts?

other tips???

  • Mercedes Benz Roadside Assistance 1.800.222.0100
  • email the Diesel Benz list for technical assistance (see http://johnmeister.com/jeep/sj/DieselBenz/diesel-benz-list.html)
  • join the Mercedes Benz Car Club of America, the STAR is an excellent publication
  • contact Rusty Cullen at Wholesale Parts in GA for new parts
  • contact Benz Friendz in Seattle for used parts and ideas
  • contact any Mercedes Dealer for parts
  • invest in Factory manuals, even if on a CDROM (around $100 at the dealer)
  • avoid Chiltons, Haynes and other shop manuals except for pictures and as a guide
  • use only Mercedes Benz parts
  • look for a good mechanic that understands Mercedes, the MBCA is a good source
  • avoid franchise repair facilities that sell tires, mufflers or brakes
  • avoid chain store repair shops
  • maintain proper filters and lubrication
  • BE SURE TO IDLE DOWN WHEN STOPPING THE ENGINE, let it idle for 30 seconds or so.
  • I highly recommend Synthetic lubricants throughout.
  • If you use dinosaur oil (hydrocarbon based oil) avoid 10w40, Pennzoil, Valvoline and other Pennslyvannia type crud.
  • I prefer using AMSOIL 15W40 Marine Grade Synthetic Diesel, but the 30W Diesel is also excellent.
  • Avoid K&N air filters or other oil-wetted cotton gauze type filters.
  • I recommend AMSOIL Two Stage Airfilters, or other oil-soaked foam type filters.
  • I prefer Michelin tires, the MXV4s work well all seasons.
  • Don't even think about a trailer hitch, what? are you nuts???? :)
  • Be aware that these cars are sensitive to vacuum problems: door locks, climate controls, transmission, cruise...


John Meister provides the following sources:
	Wholesale Parts, Inc. - Atlanta, Georgia, Rusty Cullen 
 www.buymbparts.biz, email is buymbparts@gmail.com.  rusty cullen 1.800.741.5252" 
	(tell 'em john meister from the Diesel Benz list sent you...)

	Phil Smart Mercedes Benz - Seattle, WA (Duane Grimes) 1.888.MBPARTS
	    email: smartparts-at-msn.com   600 East Pike St.  1.206.329.5959

	Benz Friends - Seattle, WA (airport way) 1.206.762.7565 (Roger Cairnie)

	Aurora Auto Wrecking - Seattle, WA  (call information)

On Tue, 14 Dec 1999, S.D.Byers wrote:
  Pototmac German Auto - Washington DC (the "other" washington)
 I just had a very nice experience on the phone with Pototmac German Auto
 in DC. Their used inventory is computerised and cleaned and tested etc
 etc. Guy on phone was super helpful. Prices were OK. 
	(I got my OM617.910 exhaust manifold. )

  Autohaus AZ
  (800) 240-4620
	 Never tried them

  (510) 763 8602
  Never tried them

  (858) 451-0020 
  Pretty good. Excellent W123 chassis catalogue available. 
  Shop discount. 

Wed Dec 15 08:33:07 1999
From: Thorsten Windhues 
here is an other very interesting parts 
source: http://www.adsitco.com.

Greetings from Snohomish, Washington - USA, where Jeeps don't rust , they mold...

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