size type brand purpose / limitations
39mm B2 Nikon for 16mm
39mm 056 Nikon for 16mm
39mm A2 Nikon for 16mm
52mm UV L1Bc Nikon UV / protect lens
52mm Sky 1A Canon Sky / protect lens
52mm UV 101 Hoya UV / protect lens
52-55mm STEP RING Tiffen step from 52-55 mm
52-55mm STEP RING KALT - thick step from 52-55 mm
55mm Cross Screen Vivitar add stars to image
55mm ND8 4X
neutral density 4 stops
55mm UV attached to welding glass UV / protect lens
55mm 1x B+W Clear / protect lens
55mm Yellow 3x B+W enhance sky/contrast
55mm RED 080 5x B+W enhance sky/contrast
55mm Green Vivitar enhance green/contrast
55mm Polarizer - NOT DIGITAL
works on film only
55-62mm STEP RING step from 52-62 mm
62mm UV Tiffen UV / protect lens
62mm Circular Polarizer Hoya Super Polarizing – cuts glare
62-72mm STEP RING step from 62-72 mm
72mm Circular Polarizer Hoya Polarizing – cuts glare
72mm Sky 1A Tiffen Sky / protect lens
72mm UV Hoya HMC UV / protect lens
72mm IR 720 Infrared Zykkor Infrared – blocks visible
72mm Polarizer - NOT DIGITAL PRINZ Polarizing – cuts glare
77mm UV F-PRO B+W UV / protect lens
77mm Circular Polarizing F-PRO B+W Polarizing – cuts glare
77mm UV Hoya HMC UV / protect lens
77mm ND8 Vivitar Series 1 neutral density
77mm Circular Polarizing Tiffen Polarizing – cuts glare
77mm Digital UV Quantaray UV / protect lens
82mm 010 UV Haze 1x B+W UV / protect lens
82mm Warm Polarizing Circular Moose's Polarizing – cuts glare
4 x 6 .6ND Grad Soft Lee neutral density
4 x 6 .6ND Grad Hard Lee neutral density
4 x 6 .9ND Grad Soft Lee neutral density
4 x 6 1.2 ND Grad Soft HiTech HT1409 neutral density
4 x 6 holders - bellow / regular Lee w/ 72 and 77 mm adapters holder