john's nikon lenses - Feb 2013

TypeLensOpticAngleAngle DXf/BlClose FocusMacroFocus ThrowFilterDiamLengthTotal LengthWeightFeatures
AF-S24-120/4 G IF-ED VR17/1384-20 deg 61-13 deg 229r0.451:4.27784103.5710IF 2ED 3As MA N
AF16/2.8 D8/5180 deg107 deg2270.251:1060 degrear635768290full frame CRC
AF18-35/3.5-4.5 D IF-ED11/8100-62 deg76-44 deg22-327r0.331:6.760 deg7782.582.5370IF 1ED 1As
AF105/2.8 D Micro9/823 deg15 deg3270.3141:1180 deg52,6275104.5113560CRC MA FL
AF180/2.8 IF-ED8/613 deg9 deg2291.51:6.6190 deg7278.5144153760IF 1ED MA hood
AF200/4 D Micro13/812 deg8 deg3290.51:1240 deg62761932021190IF CRC 2ED MA FL
AF300/4 IF-ED8/68 deg5 deg3292.51:7.1?82/39892192271330IF 2ED Tri MA FL

  • Lens - Lens focal length and designation
  • Optic - Optical construction in Elements/Groups
  • Angle - Picture angle (diagonal) / Angle with PC lens fully shifted
  • f/ - Minimum Aperture
  • Bl - Number of aperture blades
    r - rounded blades form a circular opening at wider apertures
    c - curved (not fully rounded) aperture blades
  • Close Focus - Closest marked focus: normal setting / Macro setting (m)
    Some lenses focus slightly closer than the closest marked distance
  • Macro - Maximum magnification: normal setting / Macro setting or with matching macro accessory
  • Focus Throw - Angle the focus ring turns from infinity to close / macro setting
  • Filter - Filter attachment size / Internal filter (mm)
    r - Filter rotates when focusing
    z - Filter rotates when zooming
    Rear - Rear bayonet filter
    Gel - Gelatine filter holder

    Note: if specifications such as length or weight changed during production, the oldest is listed first
  • Diam - Diameter (mm)
  • Length - Length from lens mount (mm)
  • Total Length - Length over rear lens protectors or CPU block (mm)
  • Weight - Weight / Weight without tripod foot/collar (g)
  • Features
    CRC - Close Range Correction
    IF/RF - Internal Focus / Rear focus
    nAS - Number of Aspherical elements
    nED - Number of ED elements
    nSED - Number of Super ED lenses
    nHRI - Number of High Refractive Index elements
    PL - Protective Lens
    ML - Meniscus Protective Lens
    N - Nano Crystal Coat
    Tri - Built-in Tripod mount
    MA - Manual / Autofocus switch
    FL - Focus Limiter
    ZL - Zoom Lock
    PM - Plastic Mount
    CPU - Chip number