This Deluxe Kit is for people who want the maximum peace of mind. Everything you need for the timing belt job! These kits fit all ALH* cars and include all normally replaced parts on the timing belt side of the engine. The reason we call these kits 100K kits is that they include every new part related to the timing belt including the upgraded 62mm bearing large idler roller that was introduced in 2003. In 2003, VW gave the ALH TDI a rated 100K timing belt change interval which was 20,000 miles higher than for 2002. The large bearing idler roller was the difference. Year model 2002 and earlier cars used a 47mm bearing in the large idler roller. This kit updates older cars that used the 40 and 60K belts and tensioners to allow a 100K timing belt belt interval. *Kit also fits Euro-spec cars equipped with Volkswagen engine code AQM, AGR, AHF and ASV engines with air conditioning. This kit includes also includes a very handy Water Pump Removal Kit as a complimentary gift. This exclusive Dieselgeek removal kit makes the water pump change much easier! The complimentary Water Pump Removal Kit is only available with purchase of the Deluxe Timing Belt Kit. Instructions for using the water pump removal kit are included in the timing belt kit's box and are also printed on this page under the extractor set's heading. This kit does not include a recommended Metalnerd tool kit available separately at This Kit includes (click underlined part name for picture): Long Life Timing Belt: 038 109 119M from Gates, the only OE supplier. This super tough Aramid reinforced timing belt was made in the United Kingdom on the same machines that make the OE printed belts and are made to the exact same standards as the OE belts. The materials are also exactly the same. They differ from OE only in that they are not printed with the OE part number. Long Life Timing Belt Tensioner: 038 109 243N made by Litens, the only OE supplier. This tensioner was made in Canada on the same machines that make the OE branded tensioners and are made to the exact same standards as the OE branded tensioners. The materials are also exactly the same. They are differentiated from the OE branded tensioners only by the color of the plating and they are not stamped with the OE part number. (Seal color is also no longer predictive of part number.) Hepu water pump: A proven favorite with many thousands in TDI service. Hepu pumps have a steel impeller that will never separate from the shaft like OE plastic impeller water pumps. A finish machined impeller casting makes for great coolant flow. Exclusive Water Pump Removal Kit: Oftentimes the water pumps on the new style TDI engines are hard to remove from the engine block due to a tight fit, corrosion, and water pump O-rings that like to stick to the engine block. We here at have had a screw set custom-made that make the extraction of these difficult water pumps MUCH easier. To use the water pump removal screws, first simply remove the three black 7mm screws holding the water pump to the engine block with a 10mm socket and ratchet. Next, for best results, apply a generous amount of grease the threads of each of the three water pump removal screws. (It doesn’t matter what kind of grease you use and the screws will usually work without grease.) Lastly, using an 11mm or 7/16” inch socket, tighten the three screws evenly into the three water pump mounting holes. The water pump will be conveniently and easily pushed out of the engine block by the screws. The threads of the engine block WILL NOT be damaged in any way! Roller Kit: These rollers are made by INA, the only Original Equipment supplier. Kit includes all three idler rollers with the large roller being equipped with a 62mm bearing that came standard on 2003 cars. All ALH-equipped cars built from 1998 through 2002 had big diameter rollers equipped with the smaller 47mm bearing. Kit also includes one Original Equipment stretch bolt for the large roller since this roller blocks access to water pump and must be loosened and removed to replace the water pump. You must replace this stretch bolt every time it is loosened. This bolt should be torqued to 30 lb. /ft PLUS ¼ turn. Serpentine Belt: 038 903 137J Gates Green Stripe, the only serpentine belt designed for 100K mile service! Made in the U.S.A.--A Dieselgeek Exclusive. Click here for a Serp belt routing diagram. Cam Seal: 32x47x10mm Elring brand German cam seal of the spring type preferred by many highly experienced TDI timing belt installers (Included in case your seal is leaking.) Hint: You should lubricate the cam seal with motor oil before you install it. Also, you should tape over the camshaft keyway with electrical tape before you install the cam seal to keep the lips of the seal from being cut or rolling over during install. Also we recommend removing any surface rust (with steel wool) from the tapered cam hub before installing the cam seal to prevent seal damage. NOTE: Due to the wide variation of install quality, there is absolutely no warranty on cam seals including any incidental damages or extra labor incurred to replace a leaking seal. Vacuum pump seal: This seal is Original Equipment from the dealer. It will seep unless replaced. All four motor mount stretch bolts: Original Equipment from the VW dealer. These bolts are the latest part numbers from VW/Audi and the shorter ones are now even stronger than the earlier ones with blue plastic on the threads! (Grade 10.9) These bolts are coated with Cerachrome which helps prevents galvanic corrosion. You MUST replace these every time they are loosened. The large ones are torqued to 74 lb. /ft and the smaller ones are torqued to 30 lb. /ft PLUS ¼ turn. All three horizontal motor mount bolts: Original Equipment from the VW dealer. Sometimes reused bolts break so we supply new ones for your added Peace of Mind. All four grade 12.9 zinc-plated crankshaft harmonic balancer bolts to replace those soft stock bolts! They are provided as convenience items in case you strip out the Allen socket holes of your stock bolts. Bolts may not work on some late 2003 engines as they will be too long. Three valve cover Allen bolts with washers in case you damage a few on removal. They are provided as a convenience item in case you strip out the 5mm Allen socket holes of your stock bolts. Three Phillips drive belly pan screws for the lower engine covers are included since most people are missing some. Really convenient items! ----- ----------------------------------------------------------------------------